Thursday, September 11, 2008

DOS Issues October Visa Bulletin

Department of State's (DOS') Visa Office (VO) has released the visa numbers for the month of October. This is a critical announcement for immigrants and employers alike who have been frustrated during the summer by the lack of "green card" visas. The problem arises because Congress long ago established a cap on the number of green card visas that are issued each year in most visa categories. In addition, because the federal government works on a fiscal year that begins October 1st, the government often runs out of green card visas during the summer, when its fiscal year ends.

The new numbers indicate that employment-based visas will be available in the professional and skilled categories for applications that were filed on or before January 1, 2005. Other, more highly skilled workers can apply immediately for citizens of all countries other than China, India, Mexico and Philippines.

Click here for a complete copy of the Visa Bulletin for October 2008.

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