Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced No More Quotas:

John Morton recently appointed head of ICE, announced that he has terminated the quota system on the often criticized program designed to arrest immigrants who have failed to leave the United States after being issued a deportation order. He also stated that he planned on making more changes to the program soon.

In this announcement Morton stated that their top priority in the fugitive operations program will be to concentrate on convicted criminals. This announcement is a break from the policy in recent years which lead to the widely publicized home arrests, and sweeps which were often accused of violating individual’s constitutional rights. A report by the Migration Policy Institute shows that 74% of the nearly 97,000 people arrested by those teams between 2003 and 2008 did not have criminal records.

Morton stated in his announcement that hard quotas don’t make sense, and that he is not signaling in any way that we are not going to enforce the law against noncriminal fugitives.

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