Wednesday, September 2, 2009

NY Times Reports on the Atmosphere of Ethnic Hatred in Suffolk County

A report issued on Wednesday by the Southern Poverty Law Center which tracks hate groups around the country found that there is currently an environment of racial intolerance and ethnic hatred in Suffolk County Long Island. The report also found that this atmosphere of hatred has been fueled by local anti-immigration groups and some Suffolk county public officials.

The Center’s report is a result of several months of investigations on Long Island. The report not only relied on news media accounts and public records, but also extensive interviews and statements from local residents. Based on this extensive investigation, the report found that “Latino immigrants in Suffolk County live in fear, and that political leaders in the county have done little to discourage the hatred, and some have actively fanned the flames.” The Report cited disturbing instances of immigrants being beaten with baseball bats, attacked with BB guns, and being run off the road while riding bicycles.

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