Tuesday, January 18, 2011

World's largest CEO's call for Immigration Reform

The world’s most successful CEOs recently declared that Immigration Reform is essential if the United States is to remain competitive in the global market. The 2011 Consumer electronics show in Las Vegas featured a panel discussion between the CEOs of Xerox, Cisco and General Electric on the keys to developing innovative technology. The panel promoted national policy changes to education, taxes, export and immigration. The view of the panel was the United States current immigration polices ostracizes foreign workers, and students, thus alienating some of the world’s most talented work force. The CEOs, not surprisingly, admitted that they have a policy of hiring the best potential employees- no matter where they live. Clearly if these workers are not welcome in the United States the companies will be forced to outsource their business to other countries, further decreasing opportunities for American workers. The panel suggested a policy change which would allow students to earn their residency or citizenship by studying at a United States University. This would be a change from the current policy which only provides a temporary status to students. This temporary status allows them to study in the United States, but then does not allow them to stay and put their educations to use at American businesses, forcing them to take the skills they learned to foreign countries and most likely competing businesses. http://bit.ly/fC5xG0

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