Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Welcome to our New Website! www.zwaik.com

We are very excited to welcome all of you to our new website. This site is a major revision from our prior website and can be immediately translated into 75 different languages.  It will offer our current clients immediate access to their files with our office in order to track the progress of their cases and download key forms receipts and applications. It will also provide everyone with current, accurate information on US immigration law and policies as well as online access to an attorney 12 hours a day (8Am to 8PM NY time).

          I would like to give a quick tour through the site and offer some valuable tips:

1.     In the upper right hand corner, just below our office address is a white drop down box which will allow you to translate this site- including this article- into 80 different languages. Although the computer generated translation is not perfect, it does give everyone, everywhere, access to trustworthy immigration information.

2.     Just below the translation box is a white highlight link that says "Client Log In." If you click on this link, it will take you to our case management website. You will need to have a username and password registered with our office. The username is you email address. The password is a secure, computer generated code which you may change. If you do not have a password, please contact us. Once you have logged in, you can use the "Comments" section to track our efforts on your case, use Billing to track your confirm your payments, and have access to your forms and applications, and receipts.

3.     To the left of the Client Log In Link, you will see our statement, "Established in 1980 with over 30 years of PROVEN Success in All Phases of U.S. Immigration law." If you click on the word Proven, it will take you to a page that provides dozens of approval notices in all phases of immigration practice. While other firms claim to have success, we can Prove it.

4.     Below this line is a series of flash photographs. This part of the site is still under construction but will be completed soon. I will provide our visitors with quick access to the most current information and procedures, including: Procedures for Obtaining Both Green Cards and  Nonimmigrant visas or Investors, Lawsuits against the federal government for cases that are ignored or delayed beyond the normal processing times, Special Immigrant visas for the World's most successful business executives, entrepreneurs, Research Scientists, Athletes, Artists, and others,  and special programs that allow certain undocumented immigrants to obtain immigration benefits in the US despite their unlawful status.

5.     Below the flash photographs are a series of key links that provide you with much needed information, including an entire reference library (Reference) information about our staff and the history of our firm (About US) and a quick means to send us your questions and comments and arrange for a consultation (Contact US.) We are also developing the "Employer Help" link to provide quick insights into the procedures for hiring foreign workers, protecting against an ICE audit, and the future of E-Verify. This will be ready soon.

6.     Below the tab line are a series of eight boxes that makes up the key elements of our reference library. it gives you critical information on the most popular subjects. It also includes a box called "Help Desk" By clicking on this box, it will provide you with key links to help you navigate through the government's immigration maze. These links allow you to find the status of pending cases, arrange for an Infopass with USCIS and check the visa waiting tines at consulates around the world.

7.     The bottom third of the website is our news section. By visiting this section several times a week, you will stay informed about the latest immigration practices and policies, be able to distinguish between the false rumors and real progress (or lack of progress) in immigration reform, and receive news about our firms and our latest success. Finally, you will able to sign up for our newsletters and follow us on Facebook and our immigration blog and twitter.


          Welcome aboard!

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