Thursday, May 15, 2014

Immigration Law is in My Blood

Immigration Law is in My Blood By Mitchell C. Zwaik

Even as a student in law school, I always had an interest in immigration, primarily because my uncle was an immigration attorney. He really seemed to love what he did.

Many lawyers seem to spend most of their time complaining about how much they hate their jobs, and some wind up so unhappy that they get out of the field altogether to pursue alternative professions.

My uncle always seemed so satisfied and fulfilled by his work. That was one of my primary motivators when I chose my career path. But it wasn't so easy. 

When I first started my immigration practice on Long Island in 1980, I called the Suffolk County Bar Association to inquire about how I could start up an immigration law committee within the Bar. I was told that they would be happy to help me set up the committee, but I was going to be the only member. That’s because, at the time, I was the only lawyer in Suffolk County who focused on immigration law.  

Since that beginning almost 35 years ago, we have grown steadily to the point where we now have a thriving practice, along with a great team of support staff. Our success is mainly due to these reasons:

  • Unlike some immigration firms that only handle very specific problems, we have made it our priority to be knowledgeable and skilled in a very broad range of immigration related issues. We take cases ranging from representing those petitioning for political asylum to immigration-related marriage cases to those seeking investor visas. Really, we are able to successfully take on almost any immigration matter.

  • We have built a strong reputation among our clients. They know they can trust us and rely on us for guidance. That’s why over 90% of our business comes from referrals from our existing clients.

We want anyone who has immigration-related worries to be as educated and knowledgeable as possible about how to resolve them. If you take a look at our website at, you can find lots of helpful links that may answer your questions without having to see a lawyer. If you still have any questions about your situation, just give us a call at (631) 588-4040, and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Mitchell C. Zwaik
Long Island, NY
Brooklyn, NY
(631) 588-4040

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